Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Scratch the Itch and Peeks

So. . .my plans for cropping this past weekend . . .yeah, didn't so much happen.  I did hang out in the basement, but it was more to keep my sanity than for cropping.  We, or rather, my hubby and the kids are painting the kids' bedrooms.  I don't paint, but I'm called upon for decorating and arranging once the paint has dried.  My upstairs hall is filled, FILLED, with boxes and stuff from various kid-rooms and it's trickling down the stairs and puddling in my living room and dining room.  Not to mention the paint paraphernalia that is in my kitchen.  

Two of the three bedrooms are completed, but have yet to be fully unpacked and resettled, because finished rooms hold stuff from other rooms.  The third, and final, room was started last night.  Hopefully, they'll get it done today and we can start getting things back in their proper places.  I don't do well with clutter.  Let me repeat...I. DON'T. DO. WELL. WITH. CLUTTER.  I usually go into some weird, hyper version of doing my best to keep other rooms clutter free while such projects are undertaken.  That and stay away from the offensive areas.  Hence, my self-imposed confinement to the basement.

To add to the fun, Saturday morning I woke up with my body, or more specifically my skin, not liking something and have been doing my best not to scratch layers of skin from my body.  Not a clue what's causing it, as nothing has really changed.  But I'm at day four and ready to be over whatever this is.

I think distracting myself with some creative time is just what the doctor would order.  To that end, I'm looking forward to immersing myself in the August kits.  All the bright, lively colors.  Cute patterns - colorful hexagons, rainbow stripes, sweets and a wide variety of dots.  The fun embellishments - super cute layovers, sparkly buttons, clips, cards, tickets, stickers and more.  Yum.

I've got a bit of catching up to do because I may not have painted over the weekend, but my weekend was taken up with painting.  I've got photos to take/load for my Phone Photography Class, my Super Stash Busters class is up to challenge #2, and five days of #100HappyDays photo posting. . .so yeah.  A few things to get to.

Happy Tuesday,

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