Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We Are

  • We are way too adept at playing xBox.
  • We are seeing evidence that summer doesn't have much longer. . .WooHoo!
  • We are hangin' at the high school with big brother during schedule changes.
  • We are at the Hit and Run 5K Denver.
  • We are takin' Dad to find sister on the next obstacle
  • We are all wet at the Big Balls
  • We are finished
  • We are having peaches with pretty much everything for the next week or so
  • We are a pie maker
  • We are finally bidding adieu to Mount Giveaway after weeks of growing in my living room
  • We are kicking back with a Cherry Lime slush (whoever invented Cherry Vodka is a genious)
  • We They are ushering in their first sunrise as Seniors, Class of 2015 (OMG. . .how are we here. . .so soon?)
  • We are always awed by Colorado's clouds
  • We are at the first day of school - Sophomore and Senior (it's been 13 years since there were just two kids in the "first day" photo  . . . sniff)
Happy Wednesday,

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