Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throw-Back Thursday Sketch Solutions Lesson 11

I'm not always one to finish my challenges/lessons when the class ends.  It's just life that I fall behind and have something I don't get to while the class is in session (I was so not this kind of student in school, though.)  In the past, I've just sort of stopped, leaving the leftover stuff, well, leftover.  Lately, I've been making an effort to finish up even though the class is over.  I've loved the content and nudges the classes have provided, so I just keep plodding along.  

The key?  Even though the content is online for life, I don't usually go back (though I have high hopes to "retaking" some of my past classes.)  I've tried to download the content to my computer for easier access and, frankly, I forget about it there, too.  So, I've taken to printing the content as it comes out, stacking it on my work table with my supplies and keep it there until I've completed the lesson/challenge.  So far it's working. 

Case in point, this layout is from lesson 11 (of 14) from the Sketch Solutions class I took.  The class ended back in mid-June.  

I used the class sketch, which was a one-pager with two vertical 4x6 photos.  Because of the orientation of my photos, I rotated the sketch 90 degrees, trimmed down three photos (instead of two) and it became the right side of my layout.  I used the Fancy Pants Tradition line from the Smaller December 2010 Apron Strings kit.  

I have a bit of paper left, the rub-ons which were an add-on and an odd embellishment or two.  I'll probably make a couple cards or tags when the mood strikes.  If the leftovers sit too long, they'll go to the Kindergarten.

Happy Thursday,

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