Thursday, April 2, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

A couple weeks ago, I threw pretty much everything on my work table into a tote.  I flipped through another tote to see if I had work.  I grabbed kits without much thought (as usual) and tossed in sketches from classes I had taken, but not finished, or was in the process of taking.  I grabbed the two totes - all I ever take and yet another reason to love Apron Strings kits - and headed out for a night of playing with paper.

That night I completed four layouts, or six pages, depending on how you like to count.

Since it's Thursday, and it's been a long, long time since I had anything to share of my own, let alone a Throw-back.  Here we go.

I won't say how long this layout sat on my work table, but I'm certain it wasn't like four months.  I'm almost positive it wasn't close to six.  And I know it didn't sit there long enough, partially laid out, that the photos didn't create shadows on the paper.  Or is that the paper fading around the photos?  It doesn't matter, because, duh, that totally didn't happen.  Not at all.  Not even.

Not only is the paper a throw-back - it's Pink Paislee by-the-way, but it's so thrown-back that I can't find the line's name online (I can't remember it as I type and the scraps are in the box clear over there to go to the Kindergarten.)  The photos are throw backs, too.  I'm pretty sure they are 10 years old.  Look at my babies!  This was my daughter's first race, a 5k run with her aunt, which eventually would kick off her running more.  This year, so far, she's got two half marathons she's training for.

I used a sketch from the BigPicture class Sketch Solutions - I want to say it was Challenge 11?  12?  I clearly don't know, because 14 is also bouncing around in my head.

I'd like to do some more, but with Easter this weekend, I'm not gonna plan on that.  We've got Easter Vigil (the same night as Outlander's return!  But I guess I'll give the night to the Church.)  Then, obviously, there's Easter Sunday and I'm hosting lunch for both sides of the family.  Which reminds me, I've got eggs to stuff for the Hunt.

Happy Thursday,

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