Thursday, April 30, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

We have reached the point in Spring where the skies are crystal blue, the foothills are snow free and starting to green-up and the back country peaks are heavily frosted in snow.  I will never tire of that view.

Today, I've managed both really old photos and a really old kit.  The photos are from 2005, of my now 14 y.o.  The Bo Bunny line is from 2009, but I don't remember the name and I can't find even a sheet online to trace back to the name.  It's one of their vintage Christmas looks, which they rotate in every couple of years.  The sketch came from the PageMaps Layout - Week One class I took.

I had already used this kit on other layouts.  The kit was heavy on paper to begin with (it wasn't an Apron Strings kit, which are always just right on paper ;).  The kit didn't have many embellishments to begin with, so there wasn't anything to use on this page, which is pretty obvious given there are basically none.  There are a few rhinestones in the upper left circle - hard to see in the photo.  

If I'd been at home, I'd have pulled from my stash to do some layering.  Shoot, if I'd planned even just a little before leaving for the crop, and glanced through my kit/photo pairs, I might have seen there were only rhinestones in the kit and tossed in a handful of stash items.

As it was, I worked with what I had.  It was, also, my last layout of the night.  This is one where, looking at the photo, I may break my own habit and actually go back and add something else.  It feels and looks unfinished and I don't like that.  Simple, clean - I can work with that, but this doesn't have that feel for me.

Maybe I can snag a few minutes to fluff it up a bit before I call it done.

Happy Thursday,

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