Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We Are

It was almost 80, maybe we hit it, yesterday.  Today, a lovely 70.  Tomorrow, rain, snow and 40.  And I couldn't care less because Outlander's season one break ends in just two days.  Two days people!  And that, my friends, trumps anything Mother Nature can throw out there.  So, bring it, lady!  Bring it . . .I've got Jamie Fraser to more than keep me warm!

  • We are sending off the current eighth graders to their retreat - one of the events marking their final days at the school, after nine years.  (Sniff. . .better pass the beer.)
  • We are . . . Strep 4 - Home Team 0, as another one goes down.  
  • We are pretty sure there is no way to capture 20 first graders all looking the same direction at the same time for more than the snap of a shutter - at least mine was looking at the camera, and I'm pretty sure he was the only one.
  • We are "paying" ourselves by stocking up on fave candy while on this mighty loud field trip through the candy factory.
  • We are attending an 8th Grade Moms Night Out by gathering with the other moms of the kids on retreat for a night of drinking chatting.  It was a lovely time visiting with moms I don't see much anymore, because 8th graders don't like their moms meeting them outside after school, or waving at them, or attempting any PDA's, or generally addressing them in front of anyone who may be in class with them.  This hand print, of a much smaller boy who didn't worry about a kiss from his mom in front of school, was part of a banner they made when they made their Kindergarten Continuation . . .so many years ago.  (Sniff. . .better pass the wine.)
  • We are learning land forms.  He totally knocked my socks off when telling me each form.  You can't see it, but the lake there is a red dot, which is our red boat.
  • We are officially "flocked."  Prom is coming, which means the final days of Senior year are on the horizon.  (Gasp, sniff. . .better pass the whiskey and make it a double.)
Happy Wednesday,

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