Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

So, yeah, it's snowing.  Big, fat, water-logged flakes are raining down.  My car has been covered in more than two inches of the fluffy stuff since I parked it, a mere two hours ago.

It's a definite contrast to the super sunny, almost summer day represented on the layout below.  I completed this layout a few weeks ago during my crop outing.  I used a sketch from the PageMaps class that I took; I'm pretty sure it was from Week One.  I paired the photos with Echo Park's A Perfect Summer, which was released in 2013.  The photos are the real Throw Back though with a 2006 date on them.  Look at my little monkeys, who are all teenagers now.  *sob*

I wanted something to fill the space above the photo on the left.  I couldn't find anything that worked.  You know, until I deemed the page complete, and then I found a photo that would have been perfect had I had it when I started laying out the page.  Finding it at the end, when I'm done, I couldn't get it to fit - the scale of the whole layout needed to be just a bit bigger - of course.  

I'm debating whether to scan it and shrink it or just be done.  Right now, it's just done and frankly it'll in all likelihood stay this way.  I have a real issue with going back to pages that are incomplete, which is why they get done the night I do them or they stay like this one probably will - finished with good intentions.

Happy Thursday,

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