Friday, July 22, 2016

Food for Thought

Today is a day I can't hold a coherent thought in my head long enough to execute anything.  I hate days like this.  Little gets done.  

I did, however, rally enough to do a couple small things, which has lead to doing a few things more.  I took two of my boys down to Olde Town to do a little Pokemon-ing.  While they were out in the heat, I sat in the cool library and did some reading.   I didn't have a menu for this week AT ALL, but now I have one for next week - and the shopping list to go with it.

Because I had no plan for the week, I winged it on Monday for the In-Law Dinner.  The remainder of the week I paired things I'd already cooked on Pinterest, to what I had on hand.  If it weren't for the trip to Olde Town, and picking a few things up on the way home, the sides for dinner tonight would be nonexistent.

This week's recipes are short, but good.

Like I said, I was cooking with what I had on hand and I had everything I needed to make this Cumin Lime Coleslaw.  Holy crap, was it good.  That smoky cumin thing, tart lime.  Refreshing.

If it weren't summer, when I have basil growing in the backyard, and a basket full of limes, I'm not sure I could have pulled off this Basil Lime Chicken.  But because it is, I did.  I didn't use tenders, but did use cutlets.  Lots of full-bodied flavor - a nice punch from the limes and fresh herbs.  Cutlets cook a little faster than breasts, but slower than tenders - we went for four minutes a side.

I made these Chicken Salad Stuffed Peppers for In-Law Dinner last Friday.  It was hot and these didn't require much heat.  Or they wouldn't have if I'd had chopped rotisserie chicken in my freezer.  So, before the fires of hell consumed my kitchen, I seasoned and cooked some breasts for the chicken salad.  The minimal time these are in the oven was bearable.  However, you could have probably chilled the chicken salad and then just served it in parboiled pepper halves and been good to go.

See, short and sweet.

Heat's really on this weekend.  Two boys are going to a shoot.  Girlie is (probably) working and finishing up her binge of Game of Thrones.  The 7 y.o. is busy creating a car wash and cars from the huge appliance boxes, between treks out with his older brother in search of elusive Poke-characters.  There's some social activities on the calendar - birthday, dinner, Outlander.  Good stuff.  Stuff inside.

Happy Friday,

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