Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We Are

When you think you had a fairly active week and then you turn to the photo replay and find, eh, maybe not so much.

I mean, it seemed like we did things.  I took the two younger boys out Pokemon-ing.  People headed to work.  Hubby and the 17 y.o. went to a shoot up in northeast corner of the state.  Attended a birthday party for a nephew.  Went to an anniversary dinner for my parents.  I got hooked on a new book that I can't seem to put down.  I did a fair amount of cooking.  I even headed out one morning before the heat turned up, or so I thought, to cut out all the suckers, whose single purpose seemed aimed at turning my yard into some sort of forest.  I clear out too many weeds and tied up the blackberries which were going hog wild.  I've even harvested from them twice.  One set was baked up into a streuselkuchen and the others are waiting to be flash-frozen.

So we did things.  We just don't seemed to have recorded any of it.  None of us.

  • When your news app alerts you to a giant road closure, which in turn allows you to alert family members north of the closure to avoid said closure.
  • When work isn't as fun as it should be
  • I see one of these guys several times a week.  Today was the first day I'd seen the pair, together, who nest just a couple miles north of our home.  I can see their nest, and sometimes their babies, from the road.  I've had one of them flying next to me as I drive and soar overhead.  Pretty cool stuff.
See?  Bupkis on the photo recording.

Happy Wednesday,

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