Thursday, July 7, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

I'm still living through the layouts I completed a few weeks ago.  They are still on my dining table because looking at them makes me feel accomplished.  Sad?  Because of the house projects going on the last couple weeks, I haven't been able to get back to it, but hopefully soon.  The SCT Class I was taking has wrapped up - well, people are still sharing layouts on Facebook, but the final assignments have been sent out.  They say another class is coming up.

I, for one, love classes.  They get me moving and motivated and inspired.  And two, I love when there's a place to share your own work, and see others'.  That format gives me a nudge to do the work; accountability, I guess.

Like the last two layouts I've shared from this class, this layout, uses the same Apron Strings kit from 2010.  The photos are from the same 2006 event for the kids' school - they are just going into different albums.  The paper is Basic Grey's Green at Heart, though I think I ran out of cardstock by this layout, so I used stash, the rest is still the kit.  

This was based on the second week's sketch, which had two photos, vertically, on the far left and in one of the three examples - the Easy one - and there was a flow of large embellishments across the middle.  I added the extra two photos, which left less room, and so I went with a smaller smattering of embellishments - which serve to move your eye through the layout.  It's an obvious/easy way for grouping embellishments, but well, obvious/easy does not always occur to me.  

I like it.  It's done.  Boom.

Go.  Create.

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