Thursday, July 21, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

I wasn't as motivated last weekend as I had hoped to be.  I did some things around the house, but it wasn't much in the creative vein.  That's okay, I still have the stack of pages I've completed sitting out to remind me I have recently been creative.  That, and there's so much dust from the recent projects around the house, it's the safest, dust-free zone at the moment.

This layout was created using the SCT Easy-Detailed-Expert Class, Week One's sketch.  I simply mirrored the single page layout to create two and, without checking, I'm pretty sure I upped the photo count.  I used Jillibean's Egg Drop Soup which was in a Bigger Apron Strings kit in 2010 - I'd guess is was a March or April kit.  The photos are of my, now, 15 y.o., back in 2006 when he was just six.

I had used most of this kit on previous layouts, so there wasn't much left embellishment-wise.  But there are enough photos, and action in the photos, that too much might have been too much.  It could probably use some journaling - it's for said son's book - but it's been so long I have no idea what I'd say.  The upside of not remembering is that the photos are fairly self-explanatory.  You see what he's doing.  You see what's in his basket.  And you can tell what he's into simply by the look on his face - Star Wars.  And they're minis so he's super psyched.  For him, the smaller the better.

Huh - I think that's my journaling.  LOL.

Go.  Create.

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