Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We Are

We don't do much of anything all week and the weather was great.  Then, my mom's birthday was yesterday, so my dad organizes all of us - my siblings and their families - to go to the Rockies game.  Nice!  We decided to take the train into downtown, and get on at different stops to surprise her.  Sweet.  Then. . .

First sign:  My dad plans to get on at the first/end stop, which leaves at 4:59.  At 4:10 he can't find his tickets and after searching for 15 minutes, just goes without them, planning to sort it out at the ticket office when they arrive.

Second sign:  Our train leaves at 5:19.  At 3:30 we decide we need Rockies gear and head out in search.  We need to leave at 4:30, at 4:45 we finally leave.  Hubby, whose dinner meeting was canceled and was able to join us, isn't really "with us" yet, and thinks we are on the road for the station, but no.  He also forgot his wallet.

This is not starting well. . .

  • At the station. . .waitin' on the train
  • With the birthday girl
  • We're in.  We've got our $1 Hot Dog coupons.  New caps for two.  Wait for it. . . 
  • We sing the National Anthem and they roll out the tarps.  Wait, what?
  • And it starts to rain
  • And rain
  • And rain
  • Our seats were 23 rows off the field, but luckily the seats under the deck were open so we migrated up for the wait
  • Two hours later, rain stopped, lightening moved out, tarp came off and a Poke ball was spotted on a Rays outfielder
  • By the Second Inning, Rockies are down 6-0
  • Capturing the perfect Insta
We left at the end of the 5th, with a score of 7-0, hoping we are saying the truth, when we tell the kids a rally-win is unlikely.  Final  was 10-1.

Started bumpy.  And win or not, it was a great night.

Happy Wednesday,

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