Thursday, July 14, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

It's a serious throw back today.  

I found this kit, paired with photos, during the Big Clean Out and put it in my totes so that I'd finish it the next time I scrapbooked.  I had started the layout at some point, because the photos had been cropped.  Cropped photos didn't tell me where I was going though, so I just started over.  

When I said it was quite the throw back, I wasn't kidding.  This is Arctic Frog's Sunday Brunch and is from 2006.  Ten years!  Arctic Frog!  Even the photos are from 2007.  Girlie was in fifth grade.

I had forgotten to look at the name of the line while I was working on the layout, but caught the manufacturer, so I searched to see if I could find the line name.  It was quite the trip down memory lane; Arctic Frog had some great lines and color combos.  They were frequently in Apron Strings kits.  This kit would have been a Smaller kit, but right now I couldn't tell you from when.

It has been ten years since the photos were taken, and I worked in a way I may not have had I created this layout back then.  Creating it now, I was inclined to use more photos, even if they weren't the best, and to keep as much of the photos as possible - to see all those faces she attended school with for nine years.  Had I created then layout then, I might not have thought about that.

Because I used ten photos, and they stayed rather large, I didn't need a lot of paper or embellishments.  That's why there's only two large buttons, which mimic the circular patterns on the paper.  There's also a hand-cut circle from the paper next to the photo that features the Girlie.  She's cashing her paycheck from her job in the print shop...I think that's what her job was.

Unfortunately, it was so long ago I couldn't remember much of her experience at Ameritowne.  I knew she was looking forward to it, was nervous for the interview, and in the end, had a good time and spent all her money.  But that's not really much for journaling.  I showed her the photos, prior to the layout being completed, and most of her memories were about the people, not the experience, which maybe is as it should be.  I noted the date, the place and I might have jotted her job down.  And it was complete.

Go. Create.

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