Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We Are

It's been a week where my kids are getting out, doing more, than I am:  hiking, biking, hunting, creative pursuits, concerts.  It has been hot, and it's well documented that I don't like that, so I guess unless I can roll a a/c unit in front of me, it's unlikely you'll find me outside doing much.  Though, I did manage to create another layout using my assignment from the SCT Class I took.  And, a few of us did manage to make it out to our town's Second Saturday, which is a street fair with bands - headliner for July's was Chris Daniel and the Kings.  So I've not become a total slug.

  • When you're down two kids, it's amazing how easy it is to get us all in frame.  And, yes, my 15 y.o. son, I know how to "selfie."  Thanks.
  • Arvada's Second Saturday - checked out a new taco joint before heading to listen to Chris Daniel and the Kings and eat some ice cream from Scrumptious.
  • Sunsets are crazy with four wild fires burning in the state
  • Yes.  We are one of them (photo by: Girlie)
  • She did find her sunset (photo by: Girlie)
  • When you want to play, but nobody notices you or the ball at their feet
  • The 17 y.o. headed up to the mountains for a couple of days with friends to hike, bike and fish.  (photo by:  17 y.o.)
  • We aren't sure if they fished it, or just walked over it #WhenYouKidsNotATalker (photo by:  17 y.o.)
  • Is he like the Holy Grail of Pokemon?
  • When she's got time for creativity, I'm reminded she inherited her Great-grandfather's talents (photo by:  Girlie)
  • Twenty One Pilots at Red Rocks.  Dude is rockin' his summer well.  (photo by:  17 y.o.)
With temps remaining hot, I expect to see more photos of my kids' activities than my own.

Happy Wednesday,

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