Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week #5 Winner

Final week.  Final winner.

If you haven't clicked on the links to check out the fantastic layouts. . .you need to.  You're fingers will itch to create your own layouts.  A wonderful job by all those who participated!!

Be sure you stay tuned for Scrap Your Stash starting on Monday.  If time allows I'll get some prep work up this weekend, otherwise I'll just wing it.  :)

CONGRATULATIONS to Deanna, who I think completed all the challenges!!  Deanna you're the winner of the Scenic Route kit.

Happy Saturday.


jengd said...

Congrats Deanna! And WOW! All challenges! I was happy to finish all days in a single week! :)

Deanna said...

aaww...thanks so much, Lori! Yes, I did enjoy completing each of your inspiring challenges! Love winning the Scenic Route as I don't think I have any of it left. Miss them!

Charlene said...

Congrats Deanna!!

Deanna said...

Lori, thanks so much for the Scenic Route 'Providence' line! I think I've used most of their lines, but I had miss that one. I love that! Thanks so much!