Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything

I had planned to post yesterday, but plans are bunk these days.

Where to start. . .First, it's Ali Edwards' bi-yearly Week in the Life, which I, am once again, snapping along with (posts dedicated to that will be separate and later in the day.)  Seems to have come along just when I needed to start seeing life from a different perspective.  And through a lens is a great way to do that.

Let's see, last I posted I had plans for the weekend.  As I said, plans are useless to me these days.  Fence painting?  Laughable.  A very long appointment/consult at National Jewish Hospital to discuss what's going on with hubby ended with a five hour stint in the ER when some blood work came back showing he might have a blood clot in his lung.  Scans showed no clot, thank God.  So, fun as that was, there would be no fence painting the next day.  I did take pictures, if you follow Instagram, you saw them.  The only upside to the doctor's appointment on Friday is that she took him off the ultra-restrictive diet and is allowing him to eat as usual.

Saturday we were all in unspoken agreement that it would be a "down" day.  I fixed breakfast and while enjoying that, asked if hubby felt up to a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  He was game and so we took off.  It was a gorgeous day to be outside.

This would be the last time I saw the 15 y.o. until we met back at the car.  He's always been one to go on the hunt alone.

A few steps into this particular field and we discovered it would be slim pickings at the patch.  After wandering aimlessly amid the carnage, we moved to another field.

It was so bad, that when we came across a pumpkin that didn't look like it was up for a zombie part, we kept it.  The 6 y.o. was in heaven when he found one intact that he could carry - usually his only requirement; that he can carry it.

The 14 y.o. generally has an idea in his head of what he wants to carve and goes about finding the pumpkin to fit that image.  Round, tall, solid orange - not so much his criteria.  If it's an odd shape or color, so much the better.

The 17 y.o. was feeding her photography bug.  Capturing the hunt.  The colors.  The fields.  Her brothers.  If it was there to photograph, she did.

The pumpkin round-up gave us plenty to choose from before heading home, dusty, a little pink-cheeked and feeling a bit more refreshed after the previous days events.

I did ask my daughter if she took photos at the football game last week.  She didn't have any, even she couldn't find a photo-worthy moment.  I did forget to ask my son if he took any at the roller-rink.

Needless to say, I did no crafting over the weekend.  If I had managed to form a coherent thought, I could have probably used the escape.  

We're in prep mode for Halloween on Friday.  Blocking out the calendar with all the upcoming medical tests for hubby.  Filling out endless graduation forms, composing yearbook ads, proofing papers, following up on various school projects. . .I've got plenty to keep me busy.  I think I'll abstain from any formal planning for a while.

Happy Wednesday,


wendipooh13 said...

looks like fun at the pumpkin patch.. we still need to go!!! ACK!!! glad they found out the issue with your hubby and hope things are ok.

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

A good time for sure. Unfortunately they only thing they know about hubby is that he doesn't have a blood clot in his lung. . .the real problems still remain a giant mystery. More tests. . .a lot more. . .to come.