Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween and Food

Happy Halloween!

I sent off a Shark Week victim and a Nerd this morning.  I've got an Enderman and a Cowboy, but we're supposed to call him Cullen Bohannan, up for tonight.  Two are off to parties/gatherings with friends.  One is undecided and one seems to have a full-scale invasion planned for the neighborhood.

Tomorrow we're doing Take Two of the fence painting.  Two fences, donuts to start everyone and burgers and dogs to wind things up.  The weather is supposed to be cooperative tomorrow. . .Sunday not so much, so here's to hoping we can whip it out in the morning.

I had a menu this week, that got shuffled a bit.  Tonight because of the festivities and the getting of people to and from these festivities, we've called off dinner with the in-laws.  I'll move tonight's dinner to Monday and whip up something that works for all the comings and goings of tonight.  

These Beef and Bean Burritos are really good.  They're easy to pull together and freeze great.  They'll keep in the 'fridge tonight to zap quickly as everyone moves around.  You can put several in a casserole dish and smother in your favorite sauce for a simple weeknight dinner.  Fry them and you've got chimichangas.  They make great after-school snacks.  I'm making quick Bite-Sized Apple Pies for dessert.  My sister-in-law sent us a ton of apples from their orchard that need using (I'll be making some apple sauce this weekend, too) and the dessert will be good for the dash-and-go night.

We had a chilly start to the week and so I made Chicken & Dumplings; the perfect comfort food, it's creamy and warm, filled with the great flavor of fresh herbs.  My kids love this meal, which means it shows up frequently.  It's fairly easy to pull together (it uses a rotisserie chicken) and if you've got time tonight, it's a good thing to leave warming on the stove. 

If you're looking to fill stomachs before the sugar-fest, this Southwest Beef & Rice Skillet is the ticket.  Beef and Ranch Beans, a few spices a little simmering and you're good to go.  I made this on Wednesday and the only things I changed were I topped mine with a colby jack cheese. . .I'm not a fan of pepper jack, and I didn't use instant rice, I used regular long grain rice.

We have a busy afternoon after school - some people think they'll get their pumpkins carved. . .I'm suggesting painting them.  Either way, things will come together and it'll be a fun evening.

Happy Friday.