Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We Are

It was quite a full calendar last week. . .seems to be this week, too.   Though this week is probably not as photo-worthy as last.

  • We are super giddy.
  • We are Seniors who wear designer togas?
  • We are team Jaguar Powder Puff
  • We are rockin' the 80's workout gear (mine is on the far right)
  • We are Mustang Strong
  • We are celebrating the Homecoming win
  • We are too sassy for our own good
  • We are the girls (mine is fourth from the right)
  • We are leadin' the ladies
  • We are photo bombing, which is easy when you've long been surpassed by your brother in height
  • We are proud
  • We are celebrating another academic letter holder
Happy Wednesday,


wendipooh13 said...

looks like a very fun and packed week!!!

Lori said...

It was crazy. . .but they had a lot of fun.