Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Are

Last week I said that the week following Homecoming was equally full, but nothing would be worth taking a photo of.  And here we are and the week was indeed full, and I was right; there wasn't a thing worth pulling my phone out for.  Even my snap-happy daughter had little to share.

I do have this.  This one lonely little photo.

And I didn't even take it, my daughter did.  She and her brothers were out prepping the yard to do some fence painting over the next couple weekends (which I guess I could have captured their so-happy-to-be-doing-yard-work-faces) - we're hoping to beat the snow - and they were pulling back rock to get at the bottom rail of the fence.  She discovered a ton of worms in their happy place.  She called over the 6 y.o., who took a break from wrangling Rolly-Polies, to check out the worms.  She pointed out how big some were.  He refused to touch the big ones, stating that he only liked the small ones because they were less squishy.

Looking at this, I find it interesting that I can use one photo and tell the story here, on the blog, but had I been holding this photo while sitting at my work table, I'd have drawn a complete blank and passed it over.  Interesting.

This is reason enough to head back to Project Life® - short stories and a place to put them.

Happy Wednesday,

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