Thursday, October 9, 2014

Super Stash Buster Challenge #3 Bonus

It has suddenly become the long, dry spell.  That's an oxymoron.  Long, dry spells don't suddenly happen.

I did my 30 Creative Days challenge, and I must say I did pretty good.  I created in a crafty manner almost every day, anywhere from 15 minutes to maybe an hour.  I started the slide into the do-nothings near the end of September and let's just say it's a long slide.

During my productivity moments I completed another cross-stitched ornament, started and nearly completed another.  I sorted through photos.  I created a few layouts.  I knitted.  I created with kids.  I was on a roll. . .and then I wasn't.

While on my roll, I did this layout, Challenge #3's Bonus from the Super Stash Buster class at Big Picture.

The challenge was about altering something, like chipboard or wood pieces, paint something, mist something; simply change something.  Well, on the day I did this layout I wasn't feeling like doing that much work.  I'm not much of an alter-it-to-work kind of crafter anyway.  I've misted a background on a card, I've painted chipboard, so I can.  I just don't, usually.

The sketch that came with the challenge was cute, but one-page.  The photos on the sketch were smaller and there were more "things" hanging from the line.  I couldn't get my photos cropped down, so I went bigger and two pages.  I used the Apron Strings June '14 Bigger kit, the Basic Grey line.   If the photos look similar to a previous layout, they are.  Same trip, different album.

I like it.  It feels a bit empty on the right side, along the top.  I, maybe, should have extended those top strips at least part way onto the right side page.  Oh, well.  It's done and I rarely go back to a page once I've deemed it complete.  Scrap and learn, right?

Happy Thursday,

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