Friday, October 31, 2014

Week in the Life - Day 4

For whatever reason, I didn't get any photos until the evening.  Not a clue why.  I did think of it once when I was dropping off the boys - I had a full car and thought of the photo after dropping off one. 

I had planned to shop for some things on Wednesday night, but just didn't seem to make it out after dinner.  So I went Thursday to pick up some school pants (they were uniforms and shorts are out starting Monday), and some black sweats for a costume.  My trip required a stop for one more prop for the Nerd's costume.

The 15 y.o. will turn 16 in a week.  He'll be eligible for the final phase of his driver's training and approval for his license.  That's two teen drivers. . .much as this 6 y.o. is ready to drive, too.  He can wait a while longer.  Momma needs him to slow down.

With an, "I'm going to college!" uttered with excitement and some surprise.  My 17 y.o. got her first acceptance letter.

I post some of my photos from the day to Instagram; follow me. If you're playing along with Week in the Life, I'd love to see you. :)

Go. Capture life.

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