Friday, October 3, 2014

Peeks and Food

Last night, a win for the Homecoming team.  Tonight, the bonfire.  Tomorrow night, the dance. 

I've got the in-law diner tonight.  Tomorrow hubby and I are off to a party whose purpose is to collect auction items for the younger boys' schools' Booster Club dance, an adult only fundraiser.  Otherwise, it's fairly low key, which will be nice since the week itself felt hectic.

The lighter schedule this weekend will give me time to start prepping the October kits for shipping.  October kits are filled with fun seasonal papers and rich colors. Here's a peek.

I did plan this week's menu from Pinterest.  I had two days where I didn't cook what I'd planned.  I shuffled one recipe to tonight because I forgot to take out the roast.  So I'll move the roast and other recipe to next week.  With a fundraiser dinner on Monday night, I'll only have to find two more meals.  Love that.

Any recipe that is triple anything is good, so it stood to reason that these Triple Fudge Brownies would be awesome.  And they were!  Moist.  Rich.  Super chocolate-y.  I worried because I forgot to toss the chocolate chips in flour before adding them to the batter (a trick that keeps them from sinking to the bottom), but the batter was thick enough to hold them fairly well.

I ended up doubling this Creamy Spinach Tomato Tortellini meal to feed us all on Monday.  I'm trying to decide if I could have skipped the doubling because I had a fair amount left over. . .but I was down two diners.  Next time, if I don't double it, I'll add some browned Italian sausage to it.  Either way, it was super simple and a warm comforting meal. 

These Lasagna Cups are really easy.  They also were addictive.  Something perfect to make ahead before you retreat to do some crafting.  I made them meatless, but it would be totally easy (and it's mentioned in the recipe) to add ground beef or Italian sausage to the marinara sauce, which I'll try next time.

Outlander is off until April.  The Walking Dead season premier is still a week off.  It's a good thing Hell on Wheels is still on or I'd be suffering from withdrawals of watching hot, brawny, dangerous men.

Happy Friday,

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