Friday, October 24, 2014

Note to Self

This weekend is all about fence painting, and luckily the weather will be most cooperative.  High's are supposed to be in the 80's.  80's!  Note to self - take a photo or two.

High school football was last night with another win - 55 - 14.  Ouch.  There was a soccer game just before, same complex, and that, too, was a win for the home team - 3 - 0.  Go Mustangs!  Note to self - ask daughter to send some photos.

The 6 y.o. is telling me, almost daily, that we need to get our pumpkins.  He thinks it'd be a good idea to "hit the patch."  If the fences are painted, we might be able to do that.  Note to self - take photos.

The 15 y.o. is heading of to roller skate (that's a blast from my past) tonight. Note to self - convince him to take and send me one photo.

Hubby was supposed to be gone this week, but the trip was cancelled.  I had a menu planned, but two things happened - he was supposed to be eating gluten-free (the menu was not so much, though I could have made it so) and then he was to only eat from five ingredients (chicken or fish, apples, sweet potatoes and rice; though they added carrots, lettuce, squash and pears to the list) as we continue to figure out what's going on.  Note to self - take a few photos of my creativity in the use of the same flippin' five ingredients plus salt.  Though I'm not sure I want to remember this.
I cooked on Monday, though it was crazy-butt rushed because I got home from a trip to the doctor to see if the Strep in the house was spreading - it wasn't - and had to throw this meal together in 30 minutes.  The Taco Pork Chops were good, but had cooked to long in the braise, so they weren't as tender as I'd prefer.  I made, or rather my daughter did, this Southwest Rice.  The only change I'd make is to mix in the extra stuff after I cook the rice.  I don't use Minute Rice, so some of the flavors were not as bold because of the longer cooking time for traditional rice.

I cooked on Tuesday and made this Lonestar Chicken Enchilada dish.  It uses straight up cream to dip the tortillas in and to pour over the top.  It was creamy and green chili-y.  It was good.  It was also the last meal I cooked this week.  We tried to clear out the 'fridge of an over abundance of left-overs, which was just as well since any creativity for meals was spent on how to make this five-ingredient meal different from the last five-ingredient meal.

Note to self - do something creative that involves paper, photos, yarn or thread!!

Happy Friday,

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