Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sketches on Tuesday

This month's sketch is jammed with photos.  25 to be exact.  25 photos!  I know some of you are thinking, there is no way I can put 25 photos on a layout. . .I probably don't have 25 photos from a single event anyway.  Or at least not 25 scrapworthy photos.

But. . .don't fear the photos.  For starters there's always the dividing of this two-pager into two one-pagers, which, yes, still leaves 23 photos on one of those pages.

However, those 23 are small photos, say like phone photo or Instagram prints.  You know, maybe not the greatest quality to do up in the traditional 4x6" size, but the quality of the photo matters less when the photo is smaller.  Those 23 are also a great way to incorporate a lot of photos from a single event that you might normally have to sort out - Pumpkin Patches, Senior Photos, School Festivals, Birthday Parties, etc.  

Don't forget the fill-in-the-photo-space-with-something-else option.  Use patterned paper to fill in where you might not have a photo in a strip.  Go every other photo and underneath the photo put a small journaling block.  Use up some embellishments like labels, florals, diecuts, wood pieces, etc. in place of a photo.  Layer here.  Use pop-dots for dimension.  Know what else?  You can totally remove one or more strips.  Yep, the great thing about a sketch is that it's just the inspiration.  Remove a strip and then shuffle the remaining strips closer together or make leave them in their place and make the photos in the strips a bit larger.

So see, never fear the sketch!

Happy Tuesday,


jengd said...

This sketch ROCKS! I really need to start scrapping again and use this one!

Lori said...

Isn't it awesome? And, YES, you should start scrapbooking again!!