Friday, October 17, 2014

Bad Computers and Good Food

So my computer seems to be cooperating this morning.  For now.  It wasn't feeling quite so generous last night.  So I'm hoping to have my thoughts come together quickly and type as fast as I can while it's in a good mood.

I do seem to be narrowing the problem down though.  The software/malware/virus issues seem to be resolved.  Connection to the internet still remains a problem.  When I'm hard-wired into our network, life is good.  When I go wireless, all hell breaks loose.  Hubby thinks it may be my wireless card.  So it's a lot of using his cable in his office to quickly do pressing things (because my battery won't hold a charge for long.)  Then unplugging and working, like now, offline, with dumb little messages popping up telling me my post isn't saving.  Duh!  So, I'll draft and then go plug in for photos and posting and unplug.

The day seems to be screaming "GO SCRAP!" wouldn't you say?  Maybe I'm meant to read all day, or at least until it's time to deal with picking kids up and dinner.  

I haven't mentioned it, I don't think, but hubby has been dealing with some health issues for a few months now.  Long, long, story short, he's on a ton of meds and restricting his intake of gluten.  I can't tell you how fun this has been.  Luckily, I'm fairly initiated in the gluten-free world as his brother has Celiac's disease, so I'm used to reading labels and knowing where gluten might be hiding.  Still, it's one thing to cook for his brother for a couple days a couple times a year and cooking like that every day.  Hubby is better with no gluten, but it's still too early to tell exactly how sensitive he will be once we get to a "clear space" for more than a couple days.

This is another place where not having my computer is bugging the crap out of me.  I'm wanting to find gluten free substitutes for some everyday things, like flour or  various mixes.  Something that Pinterest would be immensely helpful with, had I the ability to get on the internet.

I wasn't able to post last week.  I had menu planned two weeks ago from Pinterest; this week was all Taste of Home.  I had to drop one recipe because I couldn't think of a way to make it work for hubby.  I did find a flour substitute at the store, a cup-for-cup one, which is awesome, but I'd like to see if there's a mix I can make at home.  Otherwise I spent a lot of time Googling, on my phone, "Is (fill in the blank) gluten free?" or wandering the grocery aisles looking for a gluten free version of this or that for cooking.

I made this Festive Pork Roast last Friday and I only needed to find gluten-free soy.  It was very good.   A good day for the comfort of a moist roast.

I paired the Roast with this Bacon & Corn Casserole.  I halved the recipe, which still made more than enough for eight people.  It wasn't quite as creamy as I expected.  I didn't put the Cheddar Crackers on top, which may have had something to do with the creaminess, or lack of it.  (I have since found a gluten free cracker, though.)  It also didn't cook by itself at the temp required in the recipe.  Because of the length of its cooking time, it went in with the roast, so that, too, may have had something to do with the creaminess.  Those are reasons enough to give it another go, because it was a good, comforting side.

For dessert I made these Oreo Cookies & Cream cookies (one of the last things hubby ate before getting on the gluten-free wagon.)  Hubby deemed them one of the best cookies he's ever had, so they'll definitely be something I'll need to work up GF.

There's a High School football game tonight with a cross town rival (my Alma Mater.)  The weekend, if the weather holds, will involve more fence prep, both here and at my in-law's (who live just down the street) - insert the smiling, uber excited faces of my kids.  The 15 y.o. wants to hit the local Fright Fest Saturday night.  The next episode of the Walking Dead will be on (holy crap, did you see last week's?!)  I will be digging through boxes of cables, that seem to reproduce in this house like rabbits, looking for one I can keep attached to my computer.

Happy Friday,

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