Friday, February 7, 2014

Wheel's a Spinnin', Party Prep and Apple Pie Fries

We took our girl out for her favorite food last night - Orange Chicken - and presented her with tickets to the Av's vs. Bruins game.  She was a bit excited, which is always a reaction you hope for.  She had a rough start to her birthday with a migraine she had to fight through at school, but she got Starbucks from a friend, endless wishes and a bag jammed with Av's paraphernalia from her BFF - she was over the moon.  And, thankfully, the day ended much better than it began.

Tonight we've got her family celebration and I have a ton to do.  So, naturally, I'm taking my time with my morning coffee, posting on the blog and generally procrastinating over where to start. 

Speaking of food, this week I only grabbed one thing from Pinterest and it was for the Super Bowl.  I've had these Apple Pie Fries pinned for some time - my daughter had them on her board as well.

They are super simple to put together.  I think my pie crust dough got a little too warm and so didn't bake up as crisp as I'd like.  As I'm thinking, though, I wonder if it was the egg-wash that made the crust a little under-baked.  Hmmm. . .  Either way, these will totally be made again as they were really good!  I made up Pioneer Woman's Easy Caramel Sauce for dipping and we plowed through these in no time.

My house is starting to bug the crap out of me, seems there's clutter on every surface and jammed into all the corners.  I've got Dripped Beef to make, Oreo Mint Brownies and Strawberry Chimichangas to bake, and general cleaning to do.  Add to that I have a serious craving to do something crafty; a sure fire recipe for me getting nowhere fast.  Best to get moving.

Happy Friday,

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