Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We Are

We are annoyed with PhotoBucket for not uploading photos this morning.  And afternoon!

  • We are waiting on snow
  • We are watching the skies change with the incoming weather
  • We are greeted by smiling upper classmen handing out breakfast burritos to the parents in the drop-off line. . .a "thank you" to parents during Catholic Schools Week.
  • We are attending the Parent Appreciation assembly where we are covered in our children's gratitude via songs, poems and posters
  • We are making Bronco hats
  • We are celebrating the 12th year with this beautiful girl - our niece.
  • We are sent over to Children's for chest x-rays after Dr. spends a lot of time listening to lungs
  • We are earning a little piggy (to later be named Wilson) for being good during said x-rays
  • We are opting for homemade pizza, at home, after over-indulging in last week's meal out - Whoops.
  • We are trying to capture the magic of the snowy, winter wonderland that we woke up to
  • We are forced to take it easy and decide to work on our fishing skills
  • We are grateful for the only good thing during the Super Bowl - a yummy spread
  • We are waking up to a balmy -11 degrees
  • We are thankful for big brothers (who need hats when it's -11 degrees)
  • We are intrigued by the ice crystal balls growing on the sidewalk
Happy Wednesday,

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