Thursday, February 27, 2014

We Are

We are annoyed with our photo up-loader not working on the day it needs to be!!!

  • We are not sure which he is more annoyed with - the breathing treatment, or his mother taking his photo.
  • We are awaiting chest x-rays.  Again.
  • We are not rejoicing in a second child with pneumonia
  • We are enjoying time away from the kids in a ginormous villa.
  • We are soaking up the Colorado scenery
  • We are snowmobiling - a first for both of us.
  • We are loving the deep snow and winter wonderland views
  • We are enjoying a little nip to warm the toes - which isn't that why we go out and freeze, for the aperitif?
  • We are visiting the Breckenridge Ice Castle - during the day really see it, and at night to enjoy the magic of it
  • We are two gondola rides, and some deep back country, away from dinner on the mountain top.  Coming back in the dark was. . .eerie.
  • We are entertained by the "Oompah" band and a chicken dance
  • We are dipping our way through a delish fondue meal and trying to keep room for dessert.
  • We are hitting the distillery for hubby and picking up the chocolate bourbon sauce for me.
  • We are coming home to the reality that we need to car shop and fast; I don't like it when we have time.
  • We are amazed at the utter destruction and damage done to our car.  I'm not sorry to say a tear or 100 was shed over the whole "event." 
Happy Thursday,


wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh those ice castle pics are amazing!!!!!! stunning I need to go once!!

Sorry about your son and the breathing treatments. hope he feels better. I just went to the ER with my daughter who is 10 and a half and has croup and needing breathing treatments in the night.. not fun :(

Lori said...

Isn't it crazy? Our pediatrician said in his 27 years, he's never had more pnuemonia cases than this year. One of the doctors we saw, we made her 18th case just this season. It's nuts.