Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Game That Wasn't and One More

We won't talk about the game - the "big" game.  The one that some other Bronco's team showed up for, because that was just embarrassing nuts aggravating maddening not the championship game it should have been.  Our food spread was good though. . .so I guess there's that.

Before the game I spent a little time with some of my scrappy supplies.  I finished a traditional layout I'd started earlier in the week.  I used the January Bigger than a Breadbox, the Lily Bee We R Family line.  The photos are from back in 2006 from a family visit.  The photos also managed to capture our youngest's (at the time) recovery from a bicycle crash.  A bad one.  Crazy how quickly I can see he was on the mend though.
This was all I managed for the weekend.  Well this and I started to print more Project Life® 2013 photos.  I didn't create a card from the scraps simply because the Bigger kit is set up to create four pages, so I still have supplies left.
Happy Tuesday,  

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