Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To-Do Project Life® 2013 Week's 20 & 21(ish)

I'd really like to say I completed these this past weekend, but alas, no.  I did them a couple weeks ago when I was being quite productive with the things on my crafty to-do list.

This past week was a toughie to do much of anything on my to-do list, let alone being crafty.  I'm still working on putting priority on my craftiness.  I am learning that with all things on my daily work lists, some things take precedence and some don't.  The hard part is not to constantly push crafting to the bottom, thus making it more the "reward," which is the whole habit I'm trying to break.

I used the October Afternoon Midway line that was found in the January '13 Bigger than a Breadbox kit. (Looks like there's one left and it's on sale! ;D)

I created three Project Life® pocket-style pages.  I didn't use a whole lot of paper, a couple small blocks, and then the random embellishment.  There were just too many photos, and too many photos with too much activity to use much more than I did.  I love the Arrow paper for drawing the eye to photos.  I also worked up one card, using a Ali Dodsall sketch from Big Picture Classes to make the card.  There is quite a bit of this line left, so I'll be keeping all the pieces together to use at a later date.

I've got a child home with a pinched nerve in his neck (done while taking off his pajama top -sigh) and several other top priorities this week.  My plan is to scratch a couple things off the list, move him down to the couch with me and at least throw another card together before tackling some of the other pressing issues.

Happy Tuesday,

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