Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We Are and a New Scrapbook Store (Denver-area)

Note:  I've tried for two days to sit down to complete this post.  Hurray for the 30 minutes I'm carving out now, because tomorrow ain't lookin' good either.

For Donna, and anyone else bemoaning the loss of Archiver's in the Denver-area.  There is a fairly new (been here about a year, I think) scrapbook store in Superior/Louisville.  Just north of Hwy 36, west side, by the Lowe's:  The Scrapbook Shack.  I have a sister who's been there, and my dad of all people.  And until yesterday, I hadn't been there.  My sister said it was really big, and dang if she wasn't right.  There are two huge classrooms that are free to use and open to groups, even non-scrapping groups.  Their class list looks intriguing, like I said I wanted to take their glitter/Copic class.  They are offering crops about once a month - I think it was six to midnight.  They have photo printing, a ton of products and tools.  I'm excited to give a class and a crop a try.

We are:

  • We are thinking, "processed-schmocessed, sometimes you just need the Oreo"
  • We are watching the "ice cones" grow
  • We are non-birthday-cake eaters
  • We are in search of the Oreo Cream Thief
  • We are visiting Archiver's for the last time
  • We are grateful for big brothers
  • We are mesmerized by the frosted landscape
  • We are missing our strap-hinge albums
  • We are baking (and enjoying) Cinnamon Vanilla cupcakes with Cinnamon Buttercream
  • We are thankful for being okay
  • We are celebrating Valentine's Day
  • We are rooting for Team USA!
  • We are learning about the presidents
  • We are having to deal with creativity-busters
  • We are starting to get handwritten stories and notes
  • We are Brothers on Saturday
  • We are enjoying Strawberry White Chocolate Scones. . .mmmm
  • We are brothers on Sunday - looks a lot like brothers on Saturday
Is it March yet???

Happy Wednesday,


Maria said...

I miss the Archivers that just closed here. So few scrapbook stores around anymore!

Donna Nuce said...

Thanks Lori. I'll check it out.

Lori said...

It's a big bummer with local stores. Michaels, Hobby Lobby and the like just aren't the same - for tools and adhesives maybe, but not paper and embellies.