Friday, February 21, 2014

High On Hill, No Lonely Goat and Cards

The hubs and I made it up into the hills - kids safely with my parents.  I wish I could say our leaving was a piece of cake, but we are still in February, which means for me at least, that not much this month has been a piece of cake.  But we're here.

On the agenda for us today was a snowmobiling trip high up into the back country.  My biggest concern was staying warm - it's about 9 degrees up here and the wind is blowing at a decent clip.  But I layered (the snow suit they gave me was at least one size too big, I'm thinking maybe two since I was swimming in the thing) and we headed up and out.  An hour and a half of winter wonderland trails brought us up to Georgia Pass, elevation 11,585 feet, and right on the Continental Divide.  We had a beautiful day for plowing through the snow.

Snowmobiling was fun, except you smell like a lawn mower.  So a shower and something to take the last bit of chill out of my toes and ease the ache in my back and I could go snowmobiling again.  ;)

We'll head into Breckenridge for their Ice Castles and dinner later.  Speaking of dinner, I didn't cook much at all this week, instead opting to clean out the 'fridge instead.  I did make these delish, seriously yummy, Strawberry White Chocolate Scones.  I sprinkled a little raw sugar on them before I baked them and then glazed them after, while they were warm, but not hot.  The sugar gave a nice crunch and the glaze was just enough sweet. 

I opted not to bring the February kit to play with, but now I'm wishing I had as I have some decent down time until dinner.  But I do have three cards, from the spree over the weekend to share with you. I used scraps from the January Smaller than a Breadbox kit - the Chic Tags line.  

I'm not so great with stamps, but they're three more to add to my stash of cards.

Happy Friday,

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