Thursday, April 10, 2014


Totally random thoughts for today.

I'm so excited. . .the Stash Busters class started today.  I have my printouts sitting by me and have browsed the first week's challenge - Paper - and am looking over the first of the sketches.  Now to get the stupid donation list done for our taxes and then I can play.

It never made it to the near 80 that was called for yesterday (note if it had been 80, it would have been too hot), so I used that and the "I need to make these Fluffernutter bars" as reasons not to head out for a walk.  Hey, the photo looked amazing and they turned out to be really good bars!  I could have also used:  My daughter headed to the rec center without me.  Or my 15 y.o. needed help with his Confirmation poster - the one he waited until an hour before he left for his meeting to start!  Or it was my turn to drive the car-pool, which I had totally spaced out, and therefore it was too late by the time I returned.

I might be too good at the enabling dis-abling self-talk.

I'm feeling an intense desire to purge and clean various places in my home.

Every month when I pull together the orders for the kits, it's all done online.  I don't have samples in front of me, or even catalogs (nobody puts out catalogs anymore, they're all online.)  So it's a lot of page surfing and jumping around from site to site.  I'm always impressed with myself when the orders arrive and I see the kits together for the first time, in real life.  The colors, generally, coordinate and the bits and baubles look good together.  This month the April kits have lots of color - which I love.

One of my favorites is the October Afternoon All Boy line from their Daily Flash release.  If you have boys you know it's hard to find a non-bug, non-truck, non-dirt infused boy line.  I love the graphics (even the one side of a double-sided paper that has, yes, bugs).  Especially the Moon graphic - "Love you to the Moon & Back," which was my 15 y.o.'s favorite book when he was little.  Don't worry if you don't have boys, the line works for girls and just about everything else.  

If you aren't a member of Apron Strings no-commitment autoship, join us today.

Happy Thursday,

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