Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Are

  • We are excited for sister's new DesignTulip venture on Etsy
  • We are capturing details before they become egg salad
  • We are grateful for the kindness of strangers
  • We are positive this is a BIG lie (and GPS fail). . .44 minutes for a half mile?  What was I crawling?
  • We are so proud of our boy (pictured with his grandfather and sponsor) on his Confirmation
  • We are counting the laps
  • We are too cool to wear the t-shirt, but are giving some effort to running . . . even though walking is way cooler
  • We are cheering on the big kids
  • We are rockin' the after-race schwag
  • We are obsessed with being a goalie and continue to ask if the store is open to go get the gloves
  • We are making big sis so proud being her hockey buddy
  • We are mental noting the need for more bulbs being planted this fall
Happy Wednesday,

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