Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Are

  • We are planting doughnut bushes.  Or so the 5 y.o. believes.
  • We are walking.
  • We are waking to a pretty, but wet, Spring snow.
  • We are, or rather the 17 y.o. is, at an Av's game trying not to drool on the glass.
  • We are awaiting appointment #4 of 5. . .in the home stretch now.
  • We are walking. . .again, though it's not quite a pattern and far away from a habit.
  • We are noticing clutter in corners and then it's all we can see. . .cluttered corners.
  • We are over-the-top excited to have bid on last-minute tickets to the Av's final home game and finally had the bid accepted (bidding and waiting was almost an all day torture.)  I think there were tears.
  • We are thinking a good 'ol cardboard box beats the xBox any day!
  • We are cheering (and there was a lot of animated cheering) on the home team from the couch, while big sister is at the game.
  • We are having a serious Big 80's flashback.  Hubby had a pair of these when we first met. . .although he went sock-less as opposed to the Mickey Mouse choice of today.
  • We are thinking that today, a warm Apple Pecan Oatmeal cookie is as good as it gets.
  • We are still walking and have decided the track is beyond boring.
  • We are always struck by the snow covered peaks. 
  • We are enjoying this view on today's walk.
  • We are thinking the work-out summary is lying, because it sure as heck felt longer and more calorie burning harder than past walks.
Happy Wednesday,

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