Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We Are

  • We are starting off Spring Break with an evening swimming while two of the older kids begin training for a half-marathon
  • We are shaking water off our bodies like dogs do. . .ah, ya.
  • We are seeing more signs of Spring.
  • We are happy to see they have found the "outside world;" we were beginning to wonder.
  • We are making candy run to our local Old Town shop, where they also make awesome homemade ice cream.
  • We are pool-side with a book.
  • We are watching, with a happy heart, two brothers enjoying time together.
  • We are recovering from wisdom tooth surgery.
  • We are on the third of five trips to dentists, orthodontists or oral surgeons this week.
  • We are experiencing Spring Break Hangover.
  • We are pretty sure the author of the week is Dr. Seuss.
Happy Wednesday,

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