Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shameless Plug

A few weeks ago my sister posted this photo on Instagram of a bag she made.  I adored it.  Seriously, I was coveting it and commented so.  Later that day she showed up at my house with it and two more.  She said she was glad I liked it because it was mine.  MINE!  It is awesome.  It looks black in this photo, but it's navy and the green is nice and appley.  I love it!  I've stowed my own knitting objects in the case (she made that, too) and put all my yarn and in-process projects in the tote.  The other two totes (same design, different colors) were for my mom and her BFF.

I've been (and so have others) telling her she needs an Etsy shop.  The things she creates are amazing (she made an insulated tote for a friend that I wish I'd had when we were doing soccer!)  A.Mazing.  She knits, sews, beads, scrapbooks, is an awesome photographer, and has even made a reusable book for her garden that now that we have a garden, I may need her to make me one.  For crying out loud, the past couple years she's built, painted and decorated doll houses and then donated them to local charities for holiday raffles.  So very cool and extremely talented my sister is.

Well, she finally took the plunge and opened her Etsy shop:  DesignTulip.  Right now she has totes like this one - but if you're not a knitter, no worries, they are so big and roomy - perfect for scrapbook supplies, yes even 12x12, for when you're heading to a crop.  Stitcher?  Perfect.  Shoot, they'd be perfect for weekends sporting events or even an overnight trip.  They are so nice, and her ability to pull together amazing patterns and colors have me thinking I need one just because I need one.  I see my laptop, eReader and some magazines tossed in one for our yearly fishing trip - and there will probably still be room.

So, Mother's Day is coming up - get one for yourself, give the link to hubby or grab one for a family member or friend.  They are great bags - yes, she's my sister, but that's just a plus, because they'd still be awesome.  I see she just loaded some cases as well.

Happy Thursday,


Diane said...

Super cute design.

Hugs Diane

Lori said...

They look great in the photos, but even better in person. :)