Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sketches on Tuesday

When life is throwing tomatoes at your creativity, you can thumb your nose at it by grabbing a sketch and getting to work.  I went on over to PageMaps to peruse the extensive library of sketches and found this one.  It has circles.  'Nuf said.

PageMaps designer Cindy Liebel translated the sketch pretty directly.  However her photo block showcases four small photos instead of two larger ones.  You could also add photos in-line with those on the sketch; at 3 x 3" you'd get four across.  Mirror the sketch, drop the photo mat on one side, which pulls double duty as a journaling block, and just continue the line of photos across the second page.

Now, I love this take on the sketch by Gossamer Blue designer Jill Keller.  It uses journaling cards, which I always have plenty of, along with odds and ends - tags, cork shapes, enamel dots, diecuts.  The designer got six thumbnail-photos in her photo block.  If you like, make your photo block a little bigger to make it more of an eye-catcher.  You could also go a little bigger on photo size and pull three or four of them along the page.

I was just about to exit the page, having what I came looking for, and found this sketch, which is sort of a take on the first sketch and just provides another way of looking at the first one.

Gossamer Blue designer Erin Taylor translated the sketch almost identically.  At 12 x 12 you'd be able to do a larger photo, or more photos - like a grouping of two up, two down, for four total.  It's a super simple layout to mirror - keep the rows of circles on both pages, or drop one side of them.  Take a line of photos across both pages.  It's a great way to use up paper.

If you're being bombarded by tomatoes, skip making juice and just get a sketch.

Go.  Create.

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