Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We Are

I think I've hit the I-need-my-kids-back-in-school wall.  Add Senioritis, aka I-have-a-High-School-Senior-and-they're-bleeding-me-dry.  Combine those with various continuing, in-process projects which are relocating things where they shouldn't be and I'm in a serious funk.

I need to do something, but don't have a clue, or the motivation, to figure it out.  It's bad.

  • Because, Colorado Skies
  • I'm not sure how to take this conversation between the Girlie and her 17 y.o. fashion-clueless brother.  Should I be happy that he thinks I'd wear the trendy torn boyfriend cut jeans?  Or should I be insulted that there's no way he can comprehend his sister wearing something his mom would?
  • "One of these things is not like the other. . .one of these things just doesn't belong"  What is out of screen shot, is the other Ford Escape. . .well, and the hail damaged Escape.  Given hubby's review, I think it's safe to say we will never be a VW family.
  • He can make coffee, but refuses to get his own cereal.
  • This spider's appearance caused much excitement and was apparently an Olympic swimmer because he would not go quietly.  Sorry, outside you live.  Inside. . .not so much.
  • She is now a Certified Nursing Assistant.  #proudmamam #anotherstepcloser
  • When mom washes your favorite emoji toy, you follow her into the laundry room for every load until you see the load you know it's in.  Then you wait for it to be uncovered.
  • The light changed.  It's got that Fall feel about it.  #thesoonerthebetter
  • When you're seven and don't get the adult conversations, you pass your own time.
Happy Wednesday,

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