Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We Are

We are looking forward to cheering a child on in sports again. . .who knew you'd actually miss it?  It probably helps that practice is after school.  Or, that said child can drive himself.  The 17 y.o. has taken up Cross Country; distance running seems to be one of those things he's built for.  His first meet is this Friday, so it should be fun.

Home projects continue.  Clean up from those project continue.  I feel like a group of squirrels preparing for winter.  If all this stuff is done soon, we can cocoon ourselves in for the long winter with a nice, organized house.

  • The perfect downtime after class, but before heading in to work, is a viewing of SpaceBalls
  • Which came first - the record player or the desire for vinyl
  • First snow on the peaks, that we can see down here on the Front Range
  • When you're trying to get just one good photo of your dog for #nationaldogday
  • Ah. . .SnapChat
  • . . .and you're thankful your parents kept their collection.
  • Keeping watch during the evening sit on the porch
  • AKA throwing in the towel on dressing for class
  • When you come out of Phantom of the Opera and find a free concert
  • Adulting
  • It's not hockey season, so you can't blame the swollen eye on that.  But we have no clue what caused the watering, pain and swollen eye the night before.
Happy Wednesday,

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