Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stash Busting

I've mentioned the mess my basement (which is where my craft studio is) has became.  I've talked about the ceiling and its repair - it still needs to be sealed, textured and painted.  No biggie.

However, the largest portion of the mess comes from a reorg.  Besides the usual mess, because the kids watch TV, or have friends over, or play the Wii, or all the above - we had some nice (read:  expensive and freakin' heavy) modular office furniture down there.  It lived on the main floor before hubby's employer moved employees to home offices.  When I gave up that shared space my portion of the furniture migrated down a level.

Now, flash forward 12 years or so since the furniture made it's retreat to the basement and the 17 y.o. wants a desk in his room.  Hubby and I decided to offer him any of the pieces from the basement.  He took us up, since it was free, and set about taking his pieces.  He, his brother and hubby moved the pieces up to his room. . .two floors up.  Lots of cussing.  One ding in the wall up the stairs.  The removal of one door to get one of the pieces in the room.  Those pieces are never leaving, nor, I doubt, if they will ever move from their current set-up.  We may have to sell the house with them there.

He also wanted the the hutch.  Fine.  He opted to empty it himself, rather than wait for me (smart boy), and he left everything stacked along the wall.

I had no idea I crammed so much stuff in that hutch.  I tried to ignore the work it would take to sort and reorganize everything, all with the hope of not having to buy another unit from IKEA.  This weekend I could take it no longer and decided to dig in.  I sorted.  I stacked.  I piled.  I threw away.  I moved things.  I even pulled what was left of the furniture away from the wall to suck up 12 years of dust and dead spiders - and living spiders who weren't happy their peace was being disturbed.

I made good progress, though it is not finished.  I even managed to get my new-still-in-its-box sewing machine on its own table.  I also found a list of challenges - SWEET.

Which brings me the long way to today's post.  While I'm not dealing exclusively with my stash, I am uncovering some of it.  I always get interested in playing when I'm excavating, so it's fun to find new ways to get rolling.


I keep a color board on Pinterest.  There's a definite pattern in the colors that inspire me.  And there's also been personal discoveries in seeing a group of colors all in one place.  But it's also a place to turn to to find groups of colors to craft with.

Today, pick three colors you love and create a page with them.  Don't try to match the photos to the colors.  Chances are the photos will look fine with the color scheme.  If you need check out the Pinterest board to find colors that appeal.

Go.  Create.

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