Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We Are

We are experiencing internet issues. 

We are prepped and ready for school.  Well, I am ready for them to be back in school.  There are varying degrees of agreement from the peanut gallery on this.

Update on the "funk."  Still here.  

  • When people mistake "post work-out" face with a medical issue.  #runnergirlproblems
  • I gave him fair warning.  Play, or they go.  Then he gave me "the look" and told me how hard he worked on it.  True.  For three whole days, of the 81 days of Summer Break.  Then I caved and dragged it down to the basement
  • The GT went, though
  • Prepping for the holidays by putting up some Cherry Bounce
  • Movie Night - "What About Bob"
  • When your husband doesn't like the color of polish you have
  • The struggle of the early morning shift when you're used to the night shifts
  • Perkier
  • When you're done with dinner and it's a means to an end.  #nailedit
  • We kid him about his bushy eyebrows. . .so he cut them off.  #futuretherapy
Happy Wednesday,

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