Thursday, August 4, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

I decided to hit my living room head-on yesterday.  It has been a "working" spot as my hubby rebuilds/repairs a friend's laptop - so there's equipment and cables everywhere.  It also has his own desk-top computer in there, currently on the floor, but I'm not sure why it's in the living room instead of his office.  There's a new ceiling fan awaiting installation.  There are the 7 y.o.'s "box" cars.  He's on notice, if I don't see him playing with/in them in the next week, I'll take pics and break them down.  Hubby dropped a garment storage bag, that was in storage, on one of the chairs with instructions it wasn't going back.  

So yesterday, I dug in. . .to the garment bag.  The only thing that was truly mine to deal with.  It was filled with costumes from when the kids were little, and most were still in great condition despite the fact they were worn multiple times after Halloween.  There were also a plethora of dresses from the Girlie's younger days.  I opted to store them, so packed them up into Space Bags.  Looking at them them this morning, I either didn't get them zipped well, or the seals have failed, because two aren't so much vacuum sealed anymore.

I'll move the to-be-installed fan up to our room.  The "box" cars will probably be gone over the weekend - he's clearly lost interest.  Hubby, I saw, was dealing with the laptop this morning.  The room may be back to normal soon.  Certainly before Christmas.

I say all this because I can't be creative in a space that looks like this.  My work table can be a disaster, but not the area around me.  Which is why I'm temporarily set up in the dining room instead of my, currently displaced, studio.  The cluttered mess calls to me to clean it up.  It won't be ignored.

You know, there was a time my backlogged photos were only 18 months back?  It's true.  18 months.  We'll just say that's not the case now, the backlog goes back a bit further.  These photos from 2006 are of my now 17 y.o., who will be starting school as a Senior in just a couple weeks.  The papers are Jillibean's Egg Drop Soup that were in a Spring 2010 Bigger kit.  The layout will go in his book.

I have used this Bigger kit, as well as the SCT sketch from Week One's Easy-Detailed-Expert class (which is still available for download) for three layouts (and counting). . .three 2-page layouts; the one above, as well as for this layout and this layout.  I've only added cardstock.  Even though the basic layout is similar, the pages all have their own look.  Reason #1034 to love sketches.

Here's to opening up more visual space in my temporary workspace and being creative.

Go. Create.

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