Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stash Busting

I enjoyed a laid back Saturday.  I don't recall my Sunday, even though it was only two days ago.  And rocked the productivity on Monday.  Nothing creative happened, though.  But I'm okay with that because lots of other stuff was dealt with.

Clearing and/or dealing with the clutter that was in my house is always inspirational.  It frees up my brain; I'm not distracted by it.  It's invigorating, even.

The boys' beds were finally completed by hubby, and moved up to their rooms this weekend.  In cleaning and reorganizing their room I thought about school.  And homework.  And paper. Which led me to thinking about the hard working Brad.  

Your challenge is to clear some brads from your stash by Creating a frame using brads.

Now, I know this circle was created with buttons but just replace those buttons with brads.  Mix and match big, regular and mini brads.  Have them pierce small florals or shaped diecuts.  Use the ribbon, as shown, and clear out even more.  You could use coordinating patterned papers.  You could even use washi tape. Shoot, if it feels like too much for you, cut down on the number of ribbons, or cut them out all together.

Framed doesn't have to be "framed".  Check out the scattered look, which highlights a photo the same way a frame would.  Here, it's sequins, but use mini brads and maybe mix in sequins or enamel dots.

This sketch is a take on the first example, above, just lighter on the brads, without ribbons.  It's also not highlighting any one photo, but will certainly make a dent in your brad stash.

Finally, this "peeled" look.  I like to use something similar when I like both sides of a patterned paper.  You can peel over the photo, roll back a corner or two, or cut the paper down the center and peel back from center.  Whatever you choose, secure your points with brads.

I'm going to sit and enjoy the fruits of my labor, then I have to go deal with all the "fruits" I dragged to the basement.

Go.  Create.

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