Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bathrooms on Wednesday aka Croptober #2

There isn't much in house cleaning I mind.  I find a certain satisfaction in taking heaps of dirt clothes and turning them into mounds of clean ones, and then systematically folding them.  I enjoy the brainless task of sweeping and vacuuming - your mind can totally wander, unless you suck up a Lego and then you scramble to figure out what was the last thing you saw on the floor before you heard the noise.  I don't mind dishes, for much the same reason I don't mind laundry.  Dusting gives me glowing wood surfaces and a chance to straighten knick-knacks.  20 minutes in a bathroom transforms it into a clean, fresh space.  Unless, of course it is the bathroom my three older children share. . .then it's just a house of horrors. 

30 minutes of cussing, sweating, wondering what the heck is this and then not wanting to know; just wipe it away quickly.  30 minutes of soaking wet towels on the floor, wash cloths left in the bottom of the tub, empty containers dripping goo down their sides into the tub where the goo becomes super-glue like.  Cleaning in there reminds me I have three boys - I trust I don't have to go further with that one.  It reminds me I have two, almost three, teenagers with all kinds of creams, lotions, potions, and sprays; all of which manage to coat every surface in there, which in turn collects fuzz, frizz, dust, crumbs (no they shouldn't be eating in a bathroom!) and more.  Some genius has "wiped" a foggy mirror either with their bare hand or drawn and written in the fog - leaving streaks, drips and smudges galore.  Seriously, how do they see?  After 30 minutes in their bathroom I am convinced the inventor of a toilet never had to clean one, because if they did, it would be one smooth piece - no nooks, no crannies.  Let a woman redesign a toilet and that thing would be one smooth piece and would clean itself!  After 30 minutes, that sucker is a shining white shrine to the power of bleach - whose smell is currently burned into my nasal passages, clinging to my clothes and on my hands.

All the more reason to run and play with scrapbook supplies.  It's the reward!  Ready for Day #2 of Croptober?  Today, just dig out some photos, some languishing papers and use this sketch from PageMaps.

Still haven't had a chance to look for a prize - hopefully I'll get a second to take a look.  Layout or cards is due on Sunday evening to be eligible for the drawing.

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