Friday, October 5, 2012

Cast Day. . .Croptober #4

I'm pretty sure it wasn't long ago that I was melting. . .cursing the summer heat and doing anything to try to cool down.  90-degree temps were here just a couple weeks ago.  Ah, how far we've fallen. 
I woke up to my 4 y.o. crying early this morning because of the wind - which beats the trees in the front of the house against the roof line of his room.  Wakes him up every time.  As I tucked him back in, I could hear the wind and that unmistakable sound of sleet, corn snow, whatever you want to call it, beating against the windows.  I peeked out and sure enough - snow!  Not much, barely covered the grass, but enough to get the 4 y.o. excited about Christmas and chattering away about bringing up the tree.  Hard to convince him Christmas was still a couple months away.
It was also Cast-Taking-Off Day, when we'd find out, like Mr. Groundhog, if we'd have four more weeks of casted hand, nightly wrappings so he could shower, and bubble wrapping for soccer games.  The verdict?  He definitely fractured the bone in his hand (because of the bone in question, they wouldn't know for sure until they x-rayed today and would look for signs of new bone growth) but the bone seems to be healing well and so he's in a splint-like cast for the next three weeks.  He's relieved.  We're relieved.  No more nasty cast - seriously that thing is hideous and the smell. . .blah.   
Today's inspiration comes from Designs Seeds via Apron Strings Pinterest "Color Theory" board.  Fall color combos are some of my favorites, and with the sweater texture, it felt appropriate for today's 40 degree temperature drop (yeah, it's like 30-something - but I refuse to say I'm cold!)  What will inspire you?  The colors?  Great, obviously for fall photos, but these colors would be a fun off-the-page alternative for winter or even Christmas.  The texture in the photo - look for canvas, ribbon, fiber or embossed embellishments.  Or the sweater itself?  Are you a knitter and you haven't documented it on a layout or your projects?  Does it make you think of documenting how you prep for the coming cooler weather?  Or even the decor you have in your house celebrating the change of season? 
Whatever you choose, upload your layout or card by Sunday evening to be eligible for a collection from My Mind's Eye's Blackbird line (patterned paper, stamps, epoxy brads, diecuts and chipboard.)  REMEMBER:  all it takes is uploading one item from this week to be eligible.  BUT the more you upload, the more chances you have to win!
We have NO soccer.  No soccer!  Big tournament in town, so club level play is on hiatus.  Thank goodness we aren't playing - it's supposed to rain/snow over the weekend.  I can deal with that weather for a game, but for the multi-games a tourney requires. . .I'd rather not.  So, naturally I have big plans.  Let's see what happens.
Happy Friday.

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