Monday, October 15, 2012

Croptober #10

One good breeze and I think a lot of the color in the trees will be gone - they have that look about them.  Unfortunately, they're calling for wind as a cold front comes in over the next couple of days.  Fall is always too short! 

Had one soccer game over the weekend.  A 4-1 loss; it's been a tough season for the 14 y.o. with no wins so far, though I see some improvement in their play.  The other game, drove 45 minutes south, in the rain, got to the fields to see they were still playing in the cold and falling rain.  Sent the 12 y.o. out to warm up (which seems like an oxymoron given the conditions), got 15 minutes from the start of the game only to have the refs call the game.  Really?  The rain had actually slowed, compared to when we got there.  They couldn't have closed the fields BEFORE I started my drive.  It had clearly been raining like that for some time.  Oh well.  So now we have a make-up at some point.  The shot below - yes, I'm playing with my phone photos  (who'da thought) with an InstaGram-like app (I have a Windows phone).  Fun stuff.  I can see why it's addicting - easy and fast, two things PhotoShop is not for me.  Anyway, this is from the 14 y.o.'s game - which was 180 degree difference in weather conditions in just an hour and a half.  Crazy Colorado.

Long list of things to do today - chores, baking, pull out some Halloween stuff to add to my fall stuff, laundry. . . so let's hit it.  Today's Croptober challenge/inspiration comes from PageMaps.  A sketch on Monday always seems a good way to jump into crafting for the week.

This week's prize is a $5 Gift Code to Apron Strings.

Layouts are due on Sunday evening as usual and remember, any one challenge/inspiration from this week will get you an entry into the drawing. . .more just ups your chances.

Happy Monday.

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Added my version of the sketch.

"Hello Fall"