Thursday, October 4, 2012

Letterman. . .Croptober #3

or is it Letter Man?  Or is it Lettergirl?  We'll find out next week when our 15 y.o. daughter receives her first letter in Academics!  The news came at the end of last week, which wasn't such a great week for me.  To get that news was awesome.  I can't even put words to how it felt for me, her mom.  We've had a few issues (and subsequent conversations) with her and her schoolwork this year - she has a lot on her plate and time management has never been a strong suit.  So to come home to Dad standing in the driveway, and then handing me an envelope addressed to "The Parents of. . ." from her High School, I thought, "crap, what now."  Then to read the slip inside - I only read like the first couple lines where it said, "blah, blah, your child, blah, blah, academic achievement, blah, blah, academic letter, blah, blah, 3.8 grade point average or better for 2011-2012" - she carried a 4.0 and I stopped reading after that!  I'm pretty sure I "woohooed" and I'm pretty sure she was glad it was dark.  She wants the letter-jacket, but isn't sure about the pin that recognizes her brains.  I guess brains is to her what band was to my class (no offense to band members. . .I loved the marching band!)

Today's Croptober inspiration comes from Pinterest and is the work of Donna Jannuzzi (whose work I love.)  You can find Donna on Pinterest and on her great Blog (how cute are her boys?!)  I struggle with one pagers, but more so with one photo.  But Donna makes it look effortless and I love the scatter of all the leaves and buttons that mimic the activity in the photo.  What will you take away?  Trying a one-page one-photo layout yourself?  The awesome layers?  The colors (which are Bella Blvd papers and are found in Apron Strings' October kit - what a coincidence!  Seriously. . .I just realized that.)  Maybe you'll take her use of white space and try to put more on your own layout.  Whatever you choose, share it by Sunday night to be eligible for this week's drawing.

With snow in the forecast. . .

Happy Thursday,

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Tamika said...

Wonderful fall layout!