Thursday, October 11, 2012

Croptober #8

I'm looking forward to the weekend, getting this month's kits out the door and on their way and then settling in for some cool weather - maybe even some rain/snow.  We do have soccer, but while cool, should be dry.  Famous last words.  I have a list of things to do left over from last weekend, but need to get my must-do's out of the way before playing. 
DH bought tickets to our 4 y.o.'s school fundraiser - a silent auction, dinner and drinks.  The attire?  Cocktail.  Do I have something to wear?  I might, but there's no guarantee it'll fit. . .remember the pretzel rolls?  So, I'll have to add a dash to a couple of places I tend to find something cocktail-worthy to my list of must-do's this weekend.  I'm not a shopping fan, so I'm not particularly looking forward to the excursion.  Probably should schedule a hair appointment in there too since my hair barely looks good shoved into a ponytail, let alone cocktail-y. 
For now, I'll put those items out of my head and concentrate on the inspiration for today from Designs Seeds via  Apron Strings' Pinterest Color Theory board.  These are the colors I can see if I look out my kitchen window toward the park, just a half a block down the street, and every time I come drive back towards the house.  Sigh. . .so lovely.  Today, it's your inspiration to create your next layout or card.  Obviously there's the colors to work with.  But the specks on the leaves makes me think of using mists.  The veins of the leaves might lead you to emboss backgrounds or stamp a background.  What will inspire you?
Remember, one layout makes you eligible for the drawing for Authentique's Gathering line.  All pieces from the week are due on Sunday evening.

Happy Thursday.

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Deanna said...

It's good getting back to the challenges! YAY!

Added my link, "Time Together"

I went with the colors of the image.