Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Harry Potter. . .Croptober #17

I would never say I'm a Harry Potter fanatic; fan yes.  Stand-in-line-for-hours-for-the-next-book. . .ah no.  I've read the first two books.  I've seen the first three movies and pieces of the fourth.  But there is something about the story, especially the early ones, that I very much enjoy.  I'm not sure it's any one thing - Good vs. Evil.  Magic and magical.  Possibilities.
Today's challenge/inspiration, created by Tomi Ann Hill using the October All Year Cheer Card kit, reminds me of Harry Potter - it's got to be the hats.  I love that line of witches hats.  But dissect the card a little and it's so simple, yet so effective.  An embossed background, a simple scallop edge, some patterned paper and those hand-cut hats.  Take your cue today from this card and its simple, yet effective design.  Emboss your background - or stamp, or mist, or even ink.  Add a simple border below a row of photos, along an edge of your journaling block or to one of your layers.  Hand-cut a design from patterned paper to make a statement on your layout or cards. 
Whatever you choose, share your work here with us.  Inspire someone else.  It could earn you a bit of ooo's and ahhh's, plus a goodie (which I have yet to dig out. . .).  Share your work by Sunday evening to be eligible for this week's drawing.
Yesterday, I took up a new hobby - uh-oh.  Stay tuned for more.
Happy Wednesday,

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Deanna said...

I was inspired by the theme of the inspiration today.

Added my link, "Vampiress"